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Rwandan tourism business startup

There is no doubt that Rwanda remains a hidden gem with so much to offer the world.  The people are hard-working and incredibly resilient.  The growth they’ve sustained is remarkable.  And the natural beauty is breath-taking.  There is diversity to explore – the gorgeous lake Kivu, awe-inspiring Virunga volcanoes, one of the world’s oldest and most diverse rain forests in Nyungwe, and much more besides the obviously wonderful Akagera National Safari park and mountain gorillas.

The young stars of Urugwiro recognized that there is much still to show off to the world, especially young adults who want an authentic and adventurous experience.

Together we developed a website to advertise their unique packages to backpackers and adventurers from around the world.

Coming to the aid of love-birds

These entrepreneurs were bursting with ideas of how to use Rwandan’s advanced internet connectivity.  We built a whole wedding planning platform for them, which allows those with the substantial task of planning a wedding to quickly and easily search and find their venue, photographer, wedding band, and everything else they need.

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