Complete Online and Print Marketing Package

SPOT in Hong Kong is a leading children’s therapy centre, but their website and marketing materials didn’t match up with their identity.  When they came to us to replace their old website, we looked at all that they had for branding and mapped out a plan to bring everything up to date to show off their excellence.

They had a good logo, but hadn’t filled in other items like a strong strapline and colours and fonts that worked together to express who they are.  We looked at international colour psychology to fill out their palette with colours that conveyed trust, quality and friendliness, all qualities important to this centre.

Integrated Registration Website

As well as presenting all the information about who they are and the extensive services they offer in a beautiful, clear way, we were determined to help them streamline their processes, and make it easier for potential clients to receive updates and start the process of joining.

Now with just one form, visitors can enquire about the services they require and sign up for SPOT’s newsletter.

SPOT - rwanda marketing print brochure

Brochure, Flyers and Business Cards

The revamp of the website provided an excellent opportunity to bring all of their print needs together ensure they shared the same messaging and branding.  This meant creating two versions of a detailed brochure, bilingual business cards for all staff, and flyers for events.

We made sure their staff were equipped with templates so they could create as many future flyers and social media posts as they wanted!

SPOT - Flyer design 1 blu

How consistent is your online and print marketing?

It’s natural that you develop over time, but a review of all your marketing needs can really help bring consistency to your materials, whether your website, social media accounts, or printed materials.

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