Beautiful and unique business website

When the owners of Tessell8 came to us to build them a unique website for their print and logistics business, I had a hunch they would have us pushing the boundaries of what is capable on modern web platforms.  They are a creative team themselves, always looking to innovate; I think we made a great team.

Their business strives to solve complex problems for companies and make them simple.  We threw away the conventional way of building a website, making it completely interactive and visually appealing, building on the hexagon in their logo to create the structure of the website.

Joe, the project leader said,

“Paul was so helpful, putting up with us and the fact that we didn’t just move the goal posts, we moved the entire goal so many times throughout the development process. Paul came up with lots of creative ideas and helped us solve a number of challenges on the structure of the site. We would totally recommend him.”

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