e-Commerce Shops


Now is the time for Rwandan businesses to sell your beautiful products and services to the world using e-Commerce shops.  Businesses around the world are seizing the huge potential of being online, to advertise and sell through a website and connect with their audience on social media.  Rwanda, it’s time to go digital and compete on the world stage.

Store owners, sell your products through your website without needing a huge physical space.  Hotels, advertise and allow your clients to book a room using your website.  Tourism companies, connect with and sell your unique Rwanda experiences directly to clients around the world.

Paul Web Design in Rwanda can help you through the whole process of creating an e-Commerce Shop – planning, design, building the website, installing a Content Management System so it can be easily updated, listing the website on search engines like Google and Bing, and getting it all connected to your bank or Mobile Money account.

Do you need a digital marketing partner?

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